Security Guards

Bomar Security recruits, trains, and employs individuals who embody our core values and beliefs. Remaining alert, ambitious, and courteous to act on our client’s behalf within our scope of service is our top priority. Our success as a company is dependent upon our ability to place the right guard with the right client. This is a goal our team strives for and exceeds on a daily basis.

With the challenges of today’s complex security environment in mind, our team will develop a program designed to respond and adapt to your evolving security concerns. From our executive staff to our security guards, we aim to align with your company’s business strategies and become a key component to your operational success. We are prepared to scale our services appropriately as your business experiences change.


Standing Security Guards

Gated Entrance & Visitor Managment

Disaster Response and Emergency Services

Control Room Monitoring

Armed Security Guards

Special Event Security Guards

Security Patrols

Reception/Concierge Service

Ambassador Service

Selective Recruiting

Less than 50% of those who apply for employment are even considered. The first step to effective performance is the selection of personnel who meet the specified qualifications required for a security guard.

Criminal Record/Drug Screening

Our current pre-employment process includes in-depth interviews by a trained personnel specialist, background investigations, and criminal record checks by our staff investigators.

Screening:  Police/Fingerprint/License

Finally, they must pass the Bureau of Security & investigative Services (BSIS), FBI and DOJ, fingerprint, and license statements.  It is understood that if an applicant has recently moved to the area, police screening will be obtained from the applicant’s home state.  All Bomar Security employees are routinely licensed in the jurisdiction to which they are assigned.

Certified Security Officers

Bomar Security has developed a Certified Security Officer (CSO) Training Course with the goal of providing more detailed knowledge of specific areas of the security field.  The following subjects are included in the CSO Program:

Fire Risk for Security Officers

Appropriate Use of Force

The Professional Security Officer


A New Officer’s Tool Kit

Blood Borne Pathogens

Effective Report Writing

Effective Patrolling

Law and the Security Officer

First Aid

Courtesy and the Security Officer

Access Control


Responding to Hazardous Material

Bomb Threats

Class A CPR


When possible, it is the policy of Bomar Security to hire officers for a regular 40-hour schedule when available.  While the greater portion of our officers’ fall into this category, we do have a small cadre of part-time employees who fill swing shifts, or special assignments.  All current contractual obligations are therefore satisfied.

Taking over another Contract Security Companies contract, or when conducting a proprietary conversion, it is Bomar Security’s policy to interview and offer employment to the personnel of the client.  Those individuals must also pass our pre-employment screening procedures and have the approval of the security manager.