Educational Institutions & Campuses

Throughout the past few years, too many school tragedies have made headlines in America. Parents and school officials across the country know that these troubling incidents can occur anytime, anywhere. From extreme weather and security alerts, to classroom bullying and violent assaults, educational institutions encounter myriad security threats.

Bomar Security has developed a proactive solution to the unique security issues facing schools today. This cost-efficient solution helps us protect students and staff by preventing harmful incidents from ever happening. Our security solutions can investigate and identify suspects, increase campus security, minimize vandalism and prevent violence and theft. Bomar Security enables you to stay focused on your core business – education. Bomar’s security services for schools and universities include:

Our security solutions will create a safer educational environment, from a class of one hundred kindergarteners, to a college campus of thirty thousand students.


Security Assessments

Security Officers (Uniformed, Armed and Unarmed)

Campus Patrol and Mobile Patrol

Verification Services

Emergency Response Services

Special Event Services