Financial Institutions

With a large amount of physical cash, a high volume of customer traffic, and an increasingly desperate economic environment, security is more important than ever for financial institutions around the nation. Bomar has served the financial industry for more than 15 years at numerous locations, and our experience has done us well. We understand the complexity and delicacy of the security needs at these institutions and train our guards accordingly. Remaining highly visible, keeping a keen eye for suspicious activity, and acting as an extension of customer service are some of our main priorities when it comes to financial institutions.

Bomar also offers proactive video surveillance that has the ability to detect human behavior unusual or out of context for a financial institution and alert the guard in real time to such behavior. This technology has the ability to proactively deter criminal activity from tarnishing your client’s banking experience or damaging your bottom line. Our team of experts will take the time to design a security approach that fits your specific branch and provides the highest amount of coverage at the most cost effective rate available.


Armed or Unarmed Guard Services

Access Control

Monitoring of Existing Security Electronics

Verification Surveillance

Dedicated Mobile Patrol

Parking Security

Workplace Violence Prevention