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We are a team of dedicated professionals, ready to do what ever it takes to secure your business

Michael Garripee

Michael Garripee
Owner & CEO

Mike has over 30 years experience in Business and Operational Management. Mike holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration and was an Interrogator/Translator in the United States Marine Corps.

My management philosophy is to create a team where we pursue excellence, (not perfection) by providing an environment that leads to productive employees. I achieve this through conflict management, keeping the morale high, providing encouragement to all my employees while rewarding the strong performers. I believe in setting an example and will give my very best every day and will continue to grow and learn as a leader. 

Mike is an active member in SASS and the Chorro Valley Regulators cowboy action shooting club.

Kyle Ortega
Operations Manager

Kyle joined the Bomar family in 2003 as a Security Officer. He was promoted to Operations Manager in January 2019.

He brings positive and excellent team spirit to the Bomar family and has already made many positive changes to the operational side of Bomar. His management philosophy is based on the principles of leadership, employee motivation and customer service. His team is not only reactive, but proactive in providing a secure environment for our customers. 

Kyle spends time at the beach, flying drones, camping, bike riding and just hanging around the house watching movies and spending time with family and friends.

Jody Chavez

Jody Chavez
Scheduling Manager

Jodine started working for Bomar in 1995 as a security guard after 10 years as a stay-at-home mom. In 1997 Jodine was promoted to Scheduler and she now does the scheduling for all three of our offices, matching guards to client needs. Scheduling can be a very stressful position but Jodine makes it look easy. She strives to do the very best job possible for the client and loves being part of the Bomar family.

Jodine lives in Santa Maria along with her two daughters and loves reading and spending time with her girls.

Susan Gotz

Susan Gotz
Office Manager

Susan has been a member of the Bomar family since 1999 when she was hired, part time, to be the Assistant to the President. That part time employment quickly became full time and she began to accept more responsibility. Today, she wears several hats including WBA (World’s Best Assistant), Lead Background Investigator, Office Manager, A/P and A/R Clerk and, most importantly, the Grammar Sheriff. 

Susan lives in Santa Maria with her husband, Jimmy. They spend most of their time remodeling their home and spending time with family and friends.