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Healthcare & Facilities

Don’t let lax healthcare security literally be the difference between life and death.  The constant flow of patients, visitors, and staff, the bustling emergency departments, and the strict patient confidentiality agreements create unique security challenges to hospitals and other healthcare facilities.

Bomar Security’s customized and specialized security solutions, catered to industry demands, can help prevent these incidents and improve safety for patients, visitors and staff alike.

As the Central Coast’s leader in security solutions, Bomar will help hospitals and other health care facilities mitigate risks, manage assets and ensure patient and staff safety.  We are committed to perform to the highest standards and to provide our clients and their patients with the most advanced security solutions available today.

Security Assessments

Security Guards (Uniformed, Armed and Unarmed)

Background and Pre-Employment Screenings

Crowd Control

Emergency and Evacuation Procedures

Mobile Patrols

Verification Services